About Us

BrightBox was established 5 years ago because of our own experiences of sourcing the right talent in the software, tech and digital industries. We focus on delivering quality resourcing solutions, that result in the best skills and the right cultural fit, enabling our clients to continue to build a performant business. We lean on our own experiences as business owners and software / technology experts to disrupt the traditional models, working with clients to find creative answers that fit their need and vision, rather than work with the ‘one size fits all’ model.

We continually explore new ways of approaching the old, delivering permanent, contract and team/outcome based solutions to our clients supported by commercials that work for clients. Our deep industry knowledge combined with decades of experience working within the Tech community, means that we are able to appreciate our clients’ needs. This all results in us supporting our clients to perform at their highest level; to be the brightest box.

Employee and
Client Values

Employee Values:

  • The power of teamwork – We think and act like one team, bonded by wit, trust and respect.
  • A healthy balance – Great people are defined by more than just work. We reward commitment and hard work, and provide the flexibility to lead a balanced life.
  • We’re all human – We encourage open and honest feedback and expect the same from our clients. We’re all accountable, but do not tolerate a blame culture.
  • Go get ‘em – We’re adventurous with our ideas and make them happen. We should never be afraid to try something new.
  • Typically different – We value each other’s individuality, and know different perspectives make us stronger.
Client Values:

  • Your perspective becomes our reality – We look to the future with our customers in mind and make decisions for the good of their businesses.
  • Innovate to endure – We believe in innovation, it keeps us sharp, creative and enthusiastic. We nurture inventive ideas and fresh thinking.
  • A loyal other half – We build lasting partnerships with our clients, committing to the future, together.
  • Crack the tough nuts – We solve difficult problems. Our technology and original thinking handle the most intricate of industry challenges.

BrightBox and its success is founded upon the four corners; 1) our services, 2) our clients, 3) our people and 4) value that is delivered. We are extremely proud of what we do and who we do it for. Our team are passionate about the industry they work in and relationships they build. They have the opportunity to work with large enterprises and startups, each of which present different challenges, and take a level of ownership from day one. We constanty look for innovative technology that continues to push the service, speed and communication to our clients and this keeps us all on our toes!

Stuart Houghton, Managing Director, BrightBox Group

BrightBox Leadership

Our A-team have been plucked from the four corners of the Earth. Our different experiences allow us to collectively create a great place for our people and our clients.

Stuart Houghton

Managing Director

Martin Smith

Operations Lead

Arif Ali

Business Development Executive

Matthew Hutchings

Account Executive

Mia Wright

Account Executive

Emily Firbank

Senior Delivery Consultant

Service Summary


“Starting up a new, leading edge technology business can be a daunting prospect, especially when it comes to hiring the right team. Given their software / digital heritage we approached BrightBox to understand how they could help me grow my team. From day one we had niche requirements and we were amazed at the pin point accuracy they had with candidate matching, this included assessing the cultural fit for the business we wanted to grow. It was also helpful to talk with the owners about the journey they had been on. I would highly recommend working with BrightBox whether you are a new startup or an established business.”

Gary Mawdsley, Managing Director, Data Signals

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