Candidate Contact/CV Submission

Our clients are only one part of the jigsaw, our people are the other and are as eqally important. Read on to find out more and get in touch if you would like to join the rollercoaster of a journey we are on!

Why us

Our staff and associates are seen as our people, not a selling point. We value you and provide honest, consistent and concise feedback.


Genuine -We take great care to ensure that we understand all the reasons behind the things that make you, you. We go beyond the technology and ensure that we’re placing you in an opportunity that is the right fit. Opportunities where you can express yourself, grow and develop a career.


Consultative – Sharing our expertise, knowledge and experience with you throughout the entire recruitment lifecycle and giving you the tools you need to succeed in your career. Committed to equality and diversity. We advise and consult on interview preparation, cv’s, salaries within the market.


Care – Dedicated to finding you not simply a job, but a career, in which you can excel. We keep in touch, we check, we care.

We provide everyone with the best possible opportunity to work with one of our many clients.

Get In Touch

Progressive? Passionate? Driven? Sound like you? Then why not contact BrightBox to discover your next opportunity.