Talent Acquisition

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BrightBox Talent Acquisition covers three core areas for our clients; Permanent recruitment, Contract provision and Resource Process Outsourcing.

All of which are tailored to your specific requirements and can easily scale and flex based on current and future needs. Permanent recruitment is focussed on sourcing the best candidates for the right roles, contract sourcing enables you to fulfil temporary needs quickly and easily, and resource process outsourcing (RPO) enables BrightBox to manage your recruitment processes for you. We continuously engage with an active talent population, building and evaluating our candidate database to ensure we have access to the right talent in the market as quickly as possible.

Service Detail

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Permanent acquisition includes:

• Assessing extensive and industry-relevant candidate networks

• Using leading-edge tooling to drive more accurate results

• Running comprehensive assessments at the request of the client

• Security vetting and checking services

• Building strong relationships between client and candidates throughout the process

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Contract acquisition provides:

Flexibility – BrightBox Associates are used to being parachuted into clients in a wide array of industries and sectors.

Quality – BrightBox Associates are pre-qualified through a number of rigorous interviews and tests before they’re brought on board. This ensures the highest calibre candidates are available.

Speed – BrightBox Associates can be deployed at short notice, enabling quick reactions to changes in demand.

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Resource Process Outsourcing

Through our Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO) framework our clients transfer all or part of their recruitment / contract need to BrightBox. BrightBox are an extension to your HR business unit, typically working on the client site and supporting in the delivery of the client's resourcing needs. It includes activities such as talent engagement, candidate management, vendor partnering, supply chain management, workforce planning, pre-screening etc. This provides benefits across HR, finance, and the hiring community, plus it ensures the candidates go through a consistent process.

"You need to have a collaborative hiring process.”

– Steve Jobs

Benefits of Talent Acquisition...

Strategic Tactical

Specialist technical and professional consultants focussed on specific areas of the market.

Skills Capability

Headhunting for niche, technical and consulting positions.

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Positive candidate experiences all round, ensuring that feedback, communication and clarity are key.

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Honest and personable relationships with clients to ensure a collaborative approach to talent acquisition.

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Working with clients to fully understand their requirements.

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Market mapping and salary benchmarking.

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Innovative candidate attraction techniques. – E.g. Events, Social Media, Hotspots.

Collaborative Platform

Clear client communication every step of the way.

Looking to land a team?

Managed Delivery Services

BrightBox delivers both onshore and nearshore resource and teams. This enables our clients to deliver against the demands on their organisation with highly skilled people whilst being cost effective. BrightBox can deploy teams consisting of our Associates, our own staff, nearshore teams and resource that you may have worked with in the past.

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Case Study

Talent solution delivered

Bright Box BFI

BankiFi offers financial institutions a consent centric platform with business and corporate solutions that enables the banks to go ‘beyond an open experience’ promise with relevant offerings to their client base in terms of time, location and context. BankiFi consists of a data-driven distributed banking model that allows financial service providers to manage, consume, distribute and monetise data through a suite of API driven micro services. BankiFi chose to partner with BrightBox to utilise their Nearshore service for staff augmentation across React Native and DevOps.

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