Talent Acquisition

BrightBox Talent Acquisition covers three core areas for our clients; Permanent recruitment, Contract provision and Resource Process Outsourcing. All of which are services that are tailored to the clients requirements and can easily scale or flex based on both the current and future need.

Service overview

Permanent recruitment is precision-based, focussing on sourcing the best candidate(s) for the right career. Whereas Contract, or Associate sourcing, creates a multi purpose, flexible and dynamic workforce that can be quickly and easily scaled to meet your demand. A blend of these models is also possible, for example meeting demand in the short term through contract based resources whilst staffing permanent resources long term.

We continuously engage with an active talent population, building and evaluating our candidate database to ensure we have access to the best talent on the market as quickly as possible. By bringing in candidates to be a BrightBox Associate we build a continued and valued relationship that allows us to ensure both Associate and Client are happy with the pace at which we can react whilst not compromising the quality of work delivered.

Service Detail

Permanent acquisition includes:

  • Extensive and industry relevant candidate networks
  • BrightBox Signature Quality Control measure
  • Comprehensive assessments at the request of the client
  • Dedicated on-site team where required
  • Security vetting and checking services
  • Other added value services

Contract acquisition provides:

  • Flexibility – BrightBox Associates are used to being parachuted into projects based in a number of industries up and down the country. They scale to demand.
  • Accuracy – BrightBox Associates are pre-qualified through a number of rigorous interviews and tests before they’re brought on board. They have also worked with BrightBox on a number of different assignments. This ensures the highest calibre candidates are available.
  • Cost – The use of a BrightBox Associate will allow the workforce to manage and reduce spend by ensuring products are delivered on time.
  • Turnaround – BrightBox Associates can be supplied as temporary workers at short notice

Benefits of service

  • Headhunting for niche, technical and senior positions.
  • Specialist technical and professional consultants focussed on specific areas of the market.
  • Positive candidate experiences all round, ensuring that feedback, communication and clarity are key. Reducing candidate attrition during the
    recruitment process.
  • Honest and open relationships with clients to ensure a collaborative approach to talent acquisition.
  • Working with clients to produce the BrightBox Candidate Quality Control measure. Ensuring that the clients requirements are crystal clear.
  • High volume campaigns – recruiting for large scale projects, products or mergers.
  • Market mapping and salary benchmarking.
  • Innovative candidate attraction techniques. – E.g. Events, Social Media, Hotspots.

Planixs are a leading FinTech business focused on cash and liquidity management for financial institutions. BrightBox Group have been an integral part of Planixs’ growth over the past four years providing strategic hires throughout the company at various levels. Over the course of the last 2 years BrightBox have helped Planixs double in its staff numbers.

Matthew Hutchings, Director of Talent Acquisition, BrightBox Group


“Starting up a new, leading edge technology business can be a daunting prospect, especially when it comes to hiring the right team. Given their software / digital heritage we approached BrightBox to understand how they could help me grow my team. From day one we had niche requirements and we were amazed at the pin point accuracy they had with candidate matching, this included assessing the cultural fit for the business we wanted to grow. It was also helpful to talk with the owners about the journey they had been on. I would highly recommend working with BrightBox whether you are a new startup or an established business.”

Gary Mawdsley, Managing Director, Data Signals

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