Talent Technology

BrightBox Technology have developed its Workforce solution to enable clients to better understand their supply / demand equation. Complimenting our resource-based solutions, it provides clients with the foresight they need to better anticipate resourcing needs and in what capacity.

Service overview

It is extremely difficult to maintain a view of supply, demand and workforce pyramids across an entire organisation whilst changes occur dynamically across the business. Making tactical and strategic decisions daily with real-time data and a consolidated view of the world is key to optimising your workforce
Brightbox technology solutions provide tools that allow businesses to better understand their resourcing needs and how changes in their talent supply change will affect productivity, cost and delivery.

Our Workforce Modelling Tool empowers business units with the clarity of planning and forecasting supply and demand at both operational and strategic levels. This enables organisations to make confident resourcing decisions using forecasting, modelling and planning features in an integrated cloud application.

Service Detail

Key Questions any company needs to answer…

  1. Do I know I have the right workforce mix?
  2. Can my workforce deliver what I need to ?
  3. Am I confident that I can make informed decisions now and in the future ?
  4. How can I optimise my workforce by; location, levels, skills, cost, use of third parties etc?
  5. How do I optimise my operational workforce cost ?
  6. Can I reduce my contingent workforce and 3rd party cost ?
  7. Do I know what workforce I have, where they are deployed and what they are doing now and in the future ?

Benefits of Services

Build complexity gradually using a variety of forecasting methods with optional levels of granularity

  • Create your forecast based on volume, time or resource driven demand at a high level and refine the forecast over time as your planning process matures
  • See the gap between your current capacity and your future demands to make informed hiring decisions ahead of time based with confidence
  • Understand the impact of resource productivity on demand delivery

Model changes to your workforce or and compare multiple scenarios simultaneously

  • See the financial impact of using permanent, contingent of outsourced labour to meet existing and future demands
  • Create multiple ‘what if’ scenarios and review the outcomes

Minimise the operational cost of your planning process with easy to use features

  • View your data as a single source of truth across multiple sites
  • Control and manage user permissions and functional access

Improve your planning horizon to make the most of growth opportunities

  • Distinguish between spikes in demand and long-term growth to make informed resourcing decisions

We have worked with Planixs over the last 4 years to develop a Workforce Modelling solution that enables our clients to assess what they need in the future, make the right resourcing decisions now and then work with our talent services to source their workforce. This is the start of building a portfolio of software assets that truly allow our clients to evolve their workforce.

Stuart Houghton, Management Director, BrightBox Group